Welcome 2017

As I'm sitting in bed writing this post and reflecting back on everything that's happened this year, I can't help but think that this year was just a complete mess for most people! Seriously though, so many friends and people around me agreed that 2016 is probably the worst year in our generation to date. I'm not trying to be pessimistic or start this post on a bad note but, truthfully this year was about pain and learning for me. On a lighter note, this year brought forward many new experiences as well as new friendships. And to think that at the start of this year I lost all hope and faith for many things but, I slowly began to regain it at the end of this year. It's been a long, painful, joyful and even exhausting year but I'm happy to say that this year is finally coming to an end. I'm even happier that it's ending on the positive side.

Furthermore, I collected pictures and memories about everything that significantly happened to me this year and decided to write a bit about them down below! 

So here goes, countdown to 2017!

January: The most painful month for me. On January 1st, the guy from San Diego came forward and told me that whatever it was that we had, he wasn't "feeling it" anymore. This is when I began to write. That same day I was shopping with a friend and decided to buy a journal and document everything that would happen from that point on. 
About a week and a half later he comes back and tells me that he wants to continue our "friendship". I was hopeful but I knew it was on his terms and I wasn't getting him back the way I wanted him. But, I was still happy to have him in my life at least. 

January 10th: We lost Bowie.
RIP Starman

February: A slow month for me, in fact I don't recall most of it. It seems more like a blur with a few apparent memories and also a very confusing time for me. But it was also the first time I got job and began to work!
February 3rd: Visited the Jim Morrison Cave!

March: Another slow month but things were slowly starting to progress. An old best friend came back into the picture and it was great to finally bury the hatchet and rid of whatever it was that got between us and our friendship. 
March 23rd: Second visit to the Jim Morrison cave. I began to see things a little more clearer. 

April: Work and school were keeping me distracted but I still felt stuck. I didn't have a clue on what was going on around me but I was fine and felt a little more positive.
April 19: my old best friend's birthday was the same day as The 1975's concert. I bought two tickets and decided to go with him. I've hardly gone to any concerts in my life but this was the first time I went to one and to see an artist I really liked! 
Not the best quality but I had the time of my life and I finally got to see my current favorite band.

May: The guy from SD comes back in my life...again. Except this time he wanted to try things out again but slowly and see where things go. He came over and stayed a weekend in LA with me and we went to Cinespia and watched The Silence of the Lambs. It was fun but I still felt like things weren't right. 

June: I ended work at my first job and began working at a new place. It was also the end of my school semester and I decided to take summer off.
Around this time I also met my now close friend Alex. I met her mutually from my best friend Denise, and I swear this girl has been such a blessing in my life. She's opened my eyes in so many ways possible and through her I got to see the world differently. Since the day we met we've practically been inseparable and have been making memories and going on adventures. 
Here's to more memories and adventures in 2017, Alex! 

July: My birth month!
This month was truly full of joy and excitement! 
July 2nd: My birthday 

July 3rd: Bowie night at The Echo 

August: Around this time I called it quits officially with the guy from SD ( I seriously hate referring to him like that) but things ended pretty badly and immaturely on my end. 
August 16: Random day trip to SD with my friend Steph and Alex. We were originally supposed to go to Joshua Tree but we decided on SD instead. 

I didn't tell the girls anything while we were there but, every time I turned my head I would hope to see him or bump into him somehow.

August 19: Vacation to Hawaii and my best friend Denise came along as well!

September: Back to reality, and back to school... Things were really shifting and were really slow but amongst that time I finally decide to create my blog and take my writing to another level. 
And thus Lepetiteaimee was born!

October: Another random but fun time! Met some really cool mutuals from instagram and and continued writing on my blog

November: I'll stop here since most of my recent posts have been from the last few months of this year and you can read them on their own lol.

December: Now lets take it from here.
Remember I said I lost my hope and faith? Well, things really started looking even more clearer this month. I don't know what it is but I finally decided to let things be and not try to control the things around me that I possibly can't control. I haven't mentioned this before but I think it's time to let it out a little. For some reason my life experiences are based off coincidences that happen to me. Many people base their experiences on different things. Whether it be time, heartbreak, a crazy turn of events, etc, etc, etc... Well again my experiences are based off coincidences. And they're not just little ones they're crazy unexpected ones. I don't know why they happen to me but I wouldn't have it any other way. They're intriguing and keep me on the edge and I can't wait to see what the next one is. 
Well within the past few days I started to feel better. Better than I ever have this whole year. I had a lot of days off this week from work and I decided to message my best friend Denise so we could finally have a sleepover at her place in Chino like we planned a while back. I also told her it would be perfect for her to finally show me this coffee place she really likes! I mean we were supposed to go since last year in December, but she finally took me this time around. Well, this idea of sleeping over and going to have coffee just seemed so right to me. I was finally just letting things be. The day arrives and we finally head over to the cafe and coincidentally one of my mutuals on tumblr and instagram works there. I had no idea, but it was so random and crazy! Anyways I'm gonna stop rambling because I don't want to go into full detail about how I feel. All I can really say is that year has been a challenge and a complete lesson. But it's really shaped me and kicked my ass also, but i'm still here feeling better than ever and I'm so ready for the new year and what it has to offer! 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year, and may 2017 be a great year for all of you! And of course thank you for stopping by- xoxo Gloria

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