How to be, not belong, just be

As some of you may know being in your early 20's is the most conflicting phase to be in. There's so many questions that go unanswered and wavering emotions that come and go like Autumn leaves on a Sycamore tree. Figuring out where you're going in life, career wise and school wise, and then you have your personal life and even your love life that collides with the reality of what you have to face everyday.
And a lot like the moon when it changes it's phases, it brings comfort to know that it is only temporary. The other day I found myself lost; not lost as in I didn't know where I was, but lost as in I didn't know where I was life. My intuition and my unraveling thoughts pointed North towards the garden I found myself in and it was there that I stumbled across the Wish Tree. It was a stroke of serendipity. There I read the notes and letters left by people who were just as lost as I was because they were looking or wishing for something. I'm currently looking or rather trying to find myself, but i'll tell you one thing the side affects of love have a rippling effect on aspects of your life that you didn't know would ever have as great of an impact as you would later come to find.
I lost myself in the process of letting someone go. However, I'm slowly finding myself again through the small signs of hope, one being the wishing tree and the notes I found that evening. For even the littlest things like my intuitional compass leading me to certain directions in my life. And whenever I feel myself lost the wishing tree is the map to where I gained a sense of direction. Except it is I who has to keep lighting the candles and opening the shades to let the light in.