The art of crate digging

Those who are close to me (friends and family) know how deeply connected I am to music and understand my love for it. It's something that's been passed down to me from my dad and its something that's very important to me; music is very important to me.
Some of my fondest moments  in life were spent driving around with my dad when I was young and listening to his music. I cherish those moments the most because at the time my father and I were going through a difficult time and financial hardships. He didn't have a radio in his car at the time so we used to bring a boombox and place it at the bottom of my seat and played all his CD's. From ABBA to KC and the sunshine band, to Earth Wind and Fire and Wild cherry. Wherever we went, we always had good tunes to listen to. Along with the music he would always tell me stories about his youth and how much music had an impact on him at an early age. He would tell me how great the 70's were and how he had an amazing collection of vinyls, that he unfortunately had to leave behind when he migrated to the US. At the time when he would tell me his stories I never understood his love for music. Until now. About a year ago he asked me what I wanted for christmas, and I told him that I wanted a record player. He looked at me in a puzzled way and asked " Why? you don't even have any records to listen to". So I simply told him that it was time for me to start my own collection and to also give him back all the records he lost along the way. Since then my collection has been growing, and so has his. His more than mine, but at least I can say my collection looks pretty damn good.

So just yesterday I took an adventure to Echo Park with a new friend of mine and showed her two record spots that have some great deals and finds! We spent most of our time over at Cosmic Vinyl. This spot seriously has some great deals and a great set up for customers if they want to listen to the records before purchasing them

I had to make some difficult decisions especially since they all sounded so great and were in mint condition.

 I was a bit hesitant about this specific record, I'm not the biggest Beatles fan but I do appreciate their music and also enjoy their solo work. This album has a few songs that I enjoyed from John and I mean come on, the album cover is amazing. So I came to a conclusion and decided that it had to be added to my collection. Also it was $4 so I definitely had to take it before it was gone.
                                             The lovely Alex digging through some crates.

  after making our final decisions and leaving a few behind we headed back to Permanent records. It was there where I found this record that I've been searching for, for months now. I saw it about a month ago at another record shop but unfortunately it was selling for $70. So naturally when I found it here I had to snag it because I knew I wouldn't find it again for a reasonable price. It's still a little more than I usually spend but, It's Jim Morrison. I love this man and his work and this is thee album that would complete my collection. I mean I still want so many more but, this is the one. My prized possession. 

         "Yes we're high", outside of Permanent Records. Cheekiest sign I've seen but it always cracks a smile on my face.

Stay wild, Stone child. 
It was an overall great day digging through records and getting my hands dusty. I scored some great deals plus got 10% off! Also, thanks for the company Alex hope you enjoyed it! 

 It's a great feeling being able to connect to music with other people who love and appreciate it just as much as you do. After all music is your only friend, until the end. Come on now, you know I had to end my blogpost with a Jim Morrison quote. 
Anyways thanks for tuning in! -xoxo Gloria 

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