Welcome 2017

As I'm sitting in bed writing this post and reflecting back on everything that's happened this year, I can't help but think that this year was just a complete mess for most people! Seriously though, so many friends and people around me agreed that 2016 is probably the worst year in our generation to date. I'm not trying to be pessimistic or start this post on a bad note but, truthfully this year was about pain and learning for me. On a lighter note, this year brought forward many new experiences as well as new friendships. And to think that at the start of this year I lost all hope and faith for many things but, I slowly began to regain it at the end of this year. It's been a long, painful, joyful and even exhausting year but I'm happy to say that this year is finally coming to an end. I'm even happier that it's ending on the positive side.

Museum day

When I have time to spare I go to museums and enjoy my time there with friends. Museums have always intrigued me as well as the concept of art. As a child I was always fascinated by Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh. Monet more than anything but as I became older my appreciation for art grew even more so. Around this time last year I went to the Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in downtown LA and left confused because I never understood contemporary art. Nowadays I feel like people will call anything art but, I decided to give it a second chance when I went last Thursday.

I'm still not sure about it, if I'm honest. A lot of it kinda creeps me out but I guess that's the whole concept of art; The reaction the artist receives from their audience.
Furthermore, I snapped a few photos while I was there, even though I wasn't too thrilled about this museum I went in with an open mind and actually enjoyed a few pieces while I was there. You can see them below!

Alice Neels androgynous piece was one of my personal favorite pieces that we got to see.
still don't get it. 

The lighting and minimalism is amazing here, i'll give em that!
Eartha Kitt
Mickalene Thomas: Do I look like a lady? exhibit. 
This year it seemed like there weren't many pieces out or more like it lacked some but this time around I enjoyed a few of the pieces more so than I did the first time I went.
^ first time at the MOCA!
You can check the museum out yourself and see what it has to offer. It's subjective on my end but maybe some of you will appreciate it more than I did, but still check it out and see if ya like it. It's always great to see new things! The MOCA Geffen and Grand are free every Thursday also!

-Thanks for stopping by! -xoxo Gloria

Friendsgiving 2016

This past Friday I hosted my first ever "Friendsgiving". It was my first time hosting anything since I've never really thrown parties or get togethers on my own. I usually just team up with another friend if they're hosting something and help them plan everything out, but this time things were different. My friend Stephanie brought up the idea to me and she told me that she really wanted to do a Friends-giving, I agreed and told her that I would be up for hosting it since my parents went out of town for their anniversary so the house would be just for us! I never attended a Friends-giving before so everything was last minute! Needless to say everything turned out perfect and everyone came over, except for one friend Jazlynn who was leaving back home to Indio that night.

Anyways I got a new camera for thanksgiving that I've been wanting for 3 years now! my mom got it for me and told me it was my B-day and Xmas gift. Thanks mom! xoxo
              So I got it out and captured some moments from that night, you can see them below!
                                                    ^Thanks for the idea Steph!

Just in time

Sorry for the crickets around here lately, and to those who are still tuning in and actually take the time to read my blog, Thank you I really appreciate it and hope all is well! I've been taking some time needed to gather my thoughts and actually write.

Lady Of The Canyon

For as long as I can remember I've had this obsession with Jim Morrison. My earliest memory of this man was hearing his voice for the first time ever when I was 5. I remember my dad singing along to Light my fire and telling me a little about the band. What I didn't know at the time was how much of an influence he would have later on in my life. By the time I was 12 in 7th grade my love for music started growing rapidly and the band I fell for was of course The doors. I'm 21 now and most people who remember me from middle school always bring up how much I loved the doors or they remember me wearing this Doors shirt with Jim's face on it. You know the one thats practically on every Doors shirt that you can find? Well that shirt was a favorite of mine that was given to me from an ex boyfriend. Pretty embarrassing, I know but I remember wearing that shirt with pride because of how much I loved the music and how intrigued I was with the man himself. Every time I saw Jim's faces plastered anywhere I was instantly captivated. To this day I'm not sure what it is that draws me to him or keeps me intrigued enough to follow his spirit around. But whenever I think about the time when I was 15 in Paris, I think about how disappointed I was that I couldn't visit his grave at Père Lachaise (if he's really there) to pay my respects to him. I've yet to go back to Paris, I know I will one day especially now that I have a stronger love for the city and for Jim himself. However it is here in the heart of LA where I feel his spirit even more. These days I've found myself visiting locations where he used to hang out at. It's usually with my friend Justin because we always end up taking pictures lol, but It was at the Jim Morrison cave where I've felt his spirit the most. I can't explain it exactly, but when you go or if you've gone before you'll know exactly what I mean.

70's inspired Halloween costumes

Since its officially October I think it's pretty safe to talk about Halloween and costumes without people judging you or thinking you're weird. Seriously though this is the time of year I always look forward, this and Halloween Horror Nights. Every year I always come up with ideas and try to stay original or at least dress up in a costume you don't see often. Originality is what I always go for as well as simplicity. For the past 3 years I've mainly gathered my costumes from thrift stores or vintage stores and tried to at least spend less than $20 on my costumes. So down below I've gathered some pretty good costume ideas that are also really great if you're on a budget as well or just going for that 70's aesthetic.

Laurie Strode: I'm leaning towards Jamie Lee Curtis's character in Halloween cause I already have this outfit so I mainly just need to find the mask! 

The art of crate digging

Those who are close to me (friends and family) know how deeply connected I am to music and understand my love for it. It's something that's been passed down to me from my dad and its something that's very important to me; music is very important to me.