70's inspired Halloween costumes

Since its officially October I think it's pretty safe to talk about Halloween and costumes without people judging you or thinking you're weird. Seriously though this is the time of year I always look forward, this and Halloween Horror Nights. Every year I always come up with ideas and try to stay original or at least dress up in a costume you don't see often. Originality is what I always go for as well as simplicity. For the past 3 years I've mainly gathered my costumes from thrift stores or vintage stores and tried to at least spend less than $20 on my costumes. So down below I've gathered some pretty good costume ideas that are also really great if you're on a budget as well or just going for that 70's aesthetic.

Laurie Strode: I'm leaning towards Jamie Lee Curtis's character in Halloween cause I already have this outfit so I mainly just need to find the mask! 

Kiss: This one is a little more on the difficult side to do especially if you really want to go all out and dress exactly like them but you can also make it really simple and just paint your face. This is probably my second go to costume this year since I am trying to budget myself. I'm going for Starchild or Spaceman. 

Stevie Nicks: Stevie is really easy to dress up as. Last year I got the chance to dress up as her since again I was on a strict budget. So I basically got a black dress, kimono and black tights and boots that were in my closet. I got a top hat at Halloween club for $11 so it was completely inexpensive. However if you'd like to go all out I'm sure you can find a cheap wig as well and score some cute clothes at a goodwill or any thrift store.

Last Halloween as Stevie: Sorry for the grainy pictures

 That 70's show: Be your favorite gang from Point Place Wisconsin. Seriously this show is one of the greatest and I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot of people dress like them!

                                                  I'd choose Jackie, naturally ;)

Scooby Doo and the gang: Lastly you can dress up as the gang from Scooby Doo Where are you. This is my absolute favorite cartoon and I've been wanting my group of friends to dress like this for a while, but everyone does their own solo costume every year so this will have to wait. 

 I had a long list of ideas but I mainly narrowed it down to this list since I'm leaning towards a few of these this year. What's everyone else dressing up as? Got any ideas?

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