Friendsgiving 2016

This past Friday I hosted my first ever "Friendsgiving". It was my first time hosting anything since I've never really thrown parties or get togethers on my own. I usually just team up with another friend if they're hosting something and help them plan everything out, but this time things were different. My friend Stephanie brought up the idea to me and she told me that she really wanted to do a Friends-giving, I agreed and told her that I would be up for hosting it since my parents went out of town for their anniversary so the house would be just for us! I never attended a Friends-giving before so everything was last minute! Needless to say everything turned out perfect and everyone came over, except for one friend Jazlynn who was leaving back home to Indio that night.

Anyways I got a new camera for thanksgiving that I've been wanting for 3 years now! my mom got it for me and told me it was my B-day and Xmas gift. Thanks mom! xoxo
              So I got it out and captured some moments from that night, you can see them below!
                                                    ^Thanks for the idea Steph!

Just in time

Sorry for the crickets around here lately, and to those who are still tuning in and actually take the time to read my blog, Thank you I really appreciate it and hope all is well! I've been taking some time needed to gather my thoughts and actually write.